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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Penang Jamboree 5 AND 6 Dec 2009 RE-OPEN

Hi MTBikers!!!

Message from Jane Lim, 12 Nov 2009 @ 00:59hrs

Good news, Penang Jamboree 5 & 6 Dec 2009 RE-OPEN the registration for KAYOH LASAK 2009, Please tell your friends, just Email NAME and IC no now to . See U Dare!
Hi Please tell your friend we have RE-OPEN our registration for Penang Jamboree/Kayuh Lasak on 6th Dec 2009. Pls fill in the form below and make payment as per below bank account.
Please email us payment details and name list details together ASAP.
Maybank1070-1403-0906Shaharin WanFee RM60.00/rider
Your Details Info please,
Name (as per IC)

MyKad/ passport number

Event participation

Email Address


Contact No#

Emergency Contact No#

Emergency Contact Name





Group Name

Group Leader

T-Shirt Size

Thanks Regards GIJ


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