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Sunday, December 28, 2008


Message From Pot Belly Cycling Association, Malaysia

>> Ride Synopsis:

This is an exciting out-and-back along a single track trail that follows a pre-war water pipe 15 kilometres into the foothills of the Main Range. no serious climbs or technical downhill. But ... (somehow, there is always a 'but' in all MTB rides!) there are some gravel and loose stones most of the way! Otherwise it would have been a real easy and relaxed trail for everyone to enjoy. Most of the way, cycling next to this great river. In fact, this is one of the cleanest river you can find. Crystal clear water and no mud unlike most of the sad and pathetic river in Malaysia! Passing through an orang asli settlement is another surprising discovery here.Finally, the end of the trail - an eye opener! The old mini-hydro station, which was, built in the year 1982. These two building stand here and is so much older than me! The amazing thing is that it is still operating and according to the caretaker, it is still used to generate electricity for the tin miners down river.

Movement plan:

09 Jan 2009 - Friday pm - those moving from KL, Chris offered to rough it out @ his place. Maybe those from KL can go together, lets discuss.

10 Jan 2009 - Sat Morning 0730-0800 Rendezvous at gopeng town for riders from manjung and other.

10 Jan 2009 - Sat Morning 1030 - Reach Hydro Station.

10 Jan 2009 - Sat 1130 - Roll out back to Gopeng.

10 Jan 2009 - Sat 1200 - 1230 Arrived Gopeng

Intake 34, everybody is more than welcome to join, its time to burn excessive blubber and having a blast (fun) at the same time, no worries you don't need expensive bikes and regrets because it is fun, wa cakap lu!! Common guys its only once a month!

Till We Ride Again,

Zamrady bin Ariffin
Pot Belly Cycling Association,

Chris, establish the route @ Gopeng and exact rendezvous point will ya?
I'll will e-mail again to reconfirm details like exact r/v and participant.
Toki, tolong khabaq geng manjung noo! (Hj Wan & Rahman lama tak kayuh ni!)

From: Zamrady Ariffin [] Sent: Monday, December 29, 2008 4:51 PMTo:; Dave;; Chris Wee; Wan Norazri Ab Aziz; Abdul Rahman Bin Mohamed; Zainudin Bin Omar; Mohd Zaki Mustaffa; Mohd Faudzi AkhirCc: zamrady@gmail.comSubject: Re: [rmnofficersintake34] RE: Monthly Hash Potbelly Cycling Assocaition - Jan 2008
Ok folks the ride is ON!! Thanks to the commitments from many, look forward to see you in Gopeng. Rendezvous and meeting point will be set soon! Meanwhile if you're curious and wanting to know what sort of adventure awaits, please visit this site and look for gopeng rides pictures p/s i don't know the site owner but his pictures are really cool!! many kodak moment!! bring your cam and vid cam, one moment to cheerish in life!!!



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